Jackel Engineered Products

Jackel Engineered Products
Great Products Build Great Reputations  ♦  Yours and Ours

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Jackel's Mission Statement

To make every Customer feel good about their decision to buy products from Jackel.

We want our Customers to feel that they have no equal alternative.

We want to be that good.


Jackel's Values

We will produce the best products.

We will provide the best service and delivery.

We will use the best technologies.

We will be the most imaginative in solving our Customer's problems.

We will be easy to get along with.


Jackel's Commitment to Quality

Jackel puts the emphasis for Quality Control on its people who design and make the products. Focusing on the Management and Employees that are working at the plant will translate into a better quality product. Not only does proper training to a pre-described Company objective ensure that the product is produced correctly, but efforts to improve the working environment and moral of employees has direct correlations to the resultant product. In addition to having happy employees making high quality products, a pleasant working environment also encourages suggestions and ideas from the employees.

15314 Harrison Road Mishawaka, IN 46544
Phone: 574-256-5635 | Fax: 574-256-6966 | Email: info@jackelinc.com

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