Complete Fiberglass Vault System

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Product Description:

The J-Vault is a fiberglass shell that was designed to house a flood control system. The primary shell comes in four parts. There is the cone, sidewall, ladder and foundation ring. Optional components include a fiberglass sump basin and three different man-hole cover choices.

Features and Benefits:

• Available in 48" diameter

• Depths available up to 12 feet

• Winding process is computer controlled for accuracy, consistent thinkness and extraordinary strength

• Manufactured to the ASTM D 3753: Standard Specification for Glass - Fiber - Reinforced Polyester Manholes and Wet Wells

• Designed to withstand wall collapse or buckling based on: Hydrostatic pressure of 62.4 lbs. per square foot, saturated soil weight of 120 lbs. per cubic foot and soil modulus of 700 lbs. per square foot

• Tensile strength of 100,000 to 150,000 PSI

J-Vault Cone J-Vault Cone J-Vault Cone J-Vault Cone

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Phone: 574-256-5635 | Fax: 574-256-6966 | Email: info@jackelinc.com

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